by Arthur Radley

LAST St. Patrick's Day
You sat on the bus, right behind me?
You’d been out late, havin' fun?
Maybe wavin' the flag at the parade?
Then the joy, oh the sweet joy of beer
After beer after beer after beer after
After beer after beer after beer after
Like some fucking cartoon character--after beer
After beer after beer
Ten minutes into the ride home?
When you weren't feeling well?
On the New Jersey DeCamp 33 bus?
And you leaned over?
And vomited onto my shoulders?
Presumably so that you wouldn't get wet and dirty yourself?
And then?
When you'd unloaded and felt better?
When you moved to a different seat?
A little further back?
And sat there for the last 45 minutes of the ride?
While I tried to ignore the horrific smell of beer
After beer after beer?
And let it all dry on my clothes and my back?
Did you think, oh, a year later, that I'd forget that?
Hey! Hope to see you this year again, and relive the good times!
Just save me a seat on the bus
The one right behind yours
I promise you one thing:
I won't be feelin' too well myself

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