Hey, Robert Smith Called: 11 Haikus about Tim Burton

by Gordon Stanley

BATDANCE! Who the freak?
You are why no ones listens
to Prince anymore
All of your films
concern a social misfit.
It hurts to be you, huh?
Hey, Robert Smith called.
He wants his hair and look back.
Ring! It's Phil Spector.
Beetlejuice to Batman:
You both helped and killed
Michael Keaton's career.
Ed Wood in a dress.
When you looked at Johnny Depp
did you touch yourself?
What's your excuse?
You remade Planet of the Apes
You have no excuse.
The Headless Horseman
is scary. Why did Sleepy
make me snore?
Well, Mars Attacks! looked nice.
Do you get all your scripts
from bubblegum cards?
Watching Jack Skellington
I wondered if you still
lived with your parents.
You love Vincent Price
but if he saw Big Fish
you'd get the pendulum
If you had scissorhands
when you saw Johnny Depp
would you still touch yourself?

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