The Truth about Art

for Bob Markell

by Daniel Thomas Moran

BEFORE he attempted
The Sistine's dome,
Michelangelo perfected
the little gnome.
With their long beards,
and proud bellies,
and pointed red hats,
They became the rage
in Montmarte flats.
Lee DaVinci, Vermeer
And even Sal Dali
Knew without lawn dwarfs
No Renaissance could be.
All those Cubists and Realists
from Florence to Delft,
could not resist the allure
of that tiny old elf.
Rodin, Picasso and Naguchi
with their collective might,
could not represent a
passable troglodyte.
Velvet Elvis and lawn jockeys
sure as the sunrise in time
will get their just due
at The Guggenheim.
All fine art will one day go
the way all fine things go.
I say it's best to invest
in the pink flamingo.

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