She Cookie'd Me

by Larry S. Lafferty

GO make your drill bits out of diamonds,
Hardest substance and all,
But until she hits you with a cookie,
Well, you just don't know.

Forget the talking, the yelling,
Shouting and screaming.
You'll never understand.
When she throws a cookie,
I mean right at you, you know perfectly well
What she means.
Words pale and fail.
It's the cookie, man.

The cookie hurtles through the air
And there's no getting away from a thrown thing.
You never forget the slap of life as the thing hits and explodes.
Bits and pieces fly, and we name them as they fall.
That chocolate chip bouncing off my head is my unkindness,
That raisin in my ear is my neglect,
That burst of rainbow sprinkles are colorful lies
I tell us both.
The cookie breaks and goes all over,
There's always one larger piece that almost,
Just almost, stays together.

I stare at the big pieces sometimes.
I'm covered, she sees it.
I understand at that point.
Then the rest of the cookies come,
Thrown in bunches, some as missiles,
Some just lobbed along like soggy grapefruit
In the storm of hurled sweetness.
They all find me, and I find
The ones that don't.

Beauty is in the eye of the betrayer.
Raw betrayal rises slowly,
A lumpy spot of oatmeal and fruit in the heart.
Bake until golden brown, the raisins plumping
Open in the heat, juice runs all through the dough.
Let cool.

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