by Michael Ceraolo

ONE. African-American athletes
displaying team logos
with Little Red Sambos
on them

Two. People proclaiming white supremacy
not realizing that they are,
prima facie,
evidence against it

Three. That those who proclaim most loudly their belief in the
literalness of the Bible
are, at the same time,
those who proclaim the loudest their idolatry of the State

Four. An ambulance,
lights and siren going,
having to yield the right-of-way
to a funeral procession

Five. Celebrating America's independence
by the playing of a doggerel poem
set to the music of an English drinking song
and the shooting off of cannons as accompaniment
to a symphony by a Russian composer

Six. The owner of a suburban assault vehicle
having a license plate with a picture of the state bird
in order to demonstrate his environmental consciousness

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