Consumerism, and Other Definitions

by Michael Ceraolo

--making it a moral imperative
to pay the lowest possible price
for something you don't need

Deep Discount Store
--an establishment that sells
all manner of consumer crap
for what it's actually worth

Economic Depression
--when people who have made money without working for it
are now making less than they were,
are even in danger of having to go to work

Graduated Income Tax
--a system of taxation where,
if you earn more than a certain amount of money,
you graduate from paying taxes

--the notion that some should work harder
so that others don't have to work at all

--the giving back,
to the public,
a small fraction
of what once was stolen
from the public

--one who uses a sum of money
originally made by not working
with the expectation of making
a far greater sum by not working

--the right to work for less,
and the right not to belong to a union
that could correct the situation

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