Down in Arkansas

by R.J. Clarken

IF you've got a hankering
for a birthday ''spankering''
you cannot do it any more -- down in Arkansas.

At a club in Jacksonville
a trucker really got his fill
at his birthday party bash -- down in Arkansas.

There, the dancers take a paddle
to the guys that they would straddle -
''potching'' happy birthday ''tuchas'' -- down in Arkansas.

So Keith Lowery, who's the trucker
proved a real true sore butt sucker
he brought charges on them all -- down in Arkansas.

Then, dancers from the club-ba there
who shake for every bubba there
pleaded guilty to those charges -- down in Arkansas.

The crime was battery/assault
the judge concluded twas the fault
of the club that let the paddling -- down in Arkansas.

They all paid their fines imposed
for those spankings while exposed
then it was business as per usual -- down in Arkansas.

Now, the guests of this famed strip club can partake
of just ice cream, g-strings, pasties and some cake.
But no paddling will occur
it will not happen -- oh no sir!
Now they just pole-dance getting down -- down in Arkansas.

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