Gallery Magazine Feedback* Letter Titles I Wrote in 1983

by Arthur Radley

BILL of Fare
Motel Menage
Family Affair
Birthday Boy
A Memorable Memorial
Say ''Aaah''
Too Shy
One Hot Danish to Go
Interpersonal Communication
The Awakening
Travels With My Aunt
Shave and a Haircut
Window Undressing
Fit to be Tied
Heat of the Moment
Race to the Finish
Police Force
Food for Thought
Stuck in the Middle

* feed•back \'fed-,bak\ n (1920; OE, FEEDBAG) 1 : the return to the input of a part of the output of a machine, system, or process 2 : a chewing and ingesting process among winged vertebrates (''the mother bird ate the food and then ralphed the mix into the mouths of her young in some kind of really sick ˜ deal; it was way cool.'' — Audubon) 3 : loud, insistent flatulence 4 : editorial column appearing monthly in Gallery, national men's magazine (1972 - ) featuring lascivious photos and articles about men's needs (''I never thought I'd be writing to Gallery's ˜ but something happened to me recently to make me change my mind. I am a student at a large midwestern university . . . '' — Proust).

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