Nyuck! Nyuck!: 7 Haikus about Mad Mel Gibson

by Gordon Stanley

MAD Max Rockatansky
Sounds Jewish. He did
wander through the desert. . .

The cops stopped Mad Mel!
Where was the Interceptor?
. . . Did the Jews take it?!

You love the Three Stooges!
Did you know they were all Jews?
Nyuck! Nyuck!

You hate Vatican II
But would you brag about
Lethal Weapon 2?

Mad Mel drunk with fans.
You think, like Murtaugh,
You're getting too old for this?

Mad Mel asks cops
if they're Jews.
You trying to start a war or something?

The Passion of the Christ.
Jeez, Mad Mel, what is Christmas like
at your house?

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