Only Ellen Levels with Me about the Test

by Arthur Radley

MY mother-in-law
says the worst part's not the test;
it's the night before

I realize I'm screwed
When even the pharmacist
Looks at me sadly

He gives me some pills,
and an empty gallon jug
and some weird powder

Pour the powder in
Fill the jug with cold water
Smells like odd fruit punch

But this ain't fruit punch
You have to chug eight ounces
every 12 minutes

The drink makes you shit
then it makes you shit and shit
'til you have to shit

By then 12 minutes
have passed ever so quickly
time to chug more ''punch''

After an hour
Just looking at that damn drink
made me want to shit

I think I'm empty
But I can't be until my
Liquid-Plumr's done

I must keep chugging
Even though just flushing it
Would be much faster

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