Year-View Mirror : The Year 2006 in Rhyme

by Scott Emmons

WE'RE ending a year full of drama
with thrills and excitement to spare,
From those hard-hitting newscasts by Couric
to the ''truthiness'' dished by Colbert.
The year gave us Shiloh and Suri
plus a silver-haired Idol named Hicks.
We saw the conviction of Saddam Hussein.
There were germs in our spinach and Snakes on a Plane
in the turbulent year of '06!

Our ''View'' of the world became ''Rosie.''
James Bond had the ladies all lustin'.
''Anatomy'' wowed its McViewers,
and sexy was back, thanks to Justin.
There were hot new releases by Fergie
and those brassy and bold Dixie Chicks.
''The Office'' was hot; ''Nacho Libre'' was not;
and everyone seemed to be suing Borat
in the riveting year of '06.

The tabloids, as always, were sizzling
with stories of strife and romance.
Though Britney deep-sixed hubby Kevin,
she still wasn't wearing the pants!
Those party girls Paris and Lindsay
were up to their usual tricks,
And TomKat got hitched after baby made three.
Mel Gibson and Kramer were quite un-PC
in the scandalous year of '06.

Technology kept on advancing.
The geeks had good reason for gloating.
There were major advances in Google,
though not quite so many in voting!
Both MySpace and Facebook were booming,
and YouTube got trillions of clicks.
The few who had passed on the Playstation 3
were eager to master Nintendo's new Wii
in the great, high-tech year of '06.

And how 'bout those public officials!
Mark Foley went down in disgrace.
John Kerry learned jokes could be dicey.
The Veep shot a dude in the face!
Al Gore found the truth inconvenient.
The elections were good for some kicks.
The candidates issued a lot of hard knocks.
They battled like Limbaugh and Michael J. Fox
in the rather tense year of '06.

Yes, it's clear that the year was eventful
with moments of sheer pandemonium.
The airlines banned carry-on toothpaste,
and trans fats were worse than polonium!
With the nerve-racking world situation,
we pray there will soon be a fix.
A nice, peaceful holiday's what we could use.
Let's try to stay calm as we bid our adieus
to the fast-waning year of '06!

Copyright 2006 Hallmark Cards, Inc.

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