Much More than CVI: The Wasting Time on the Computer Sonnet

by R.J. Clarken

WHEN in the chronicle of wasted time
Sudoku and Solitaire top my list
I surf the 'net for celeb dirt and slime
And e-mail my friends -- well, you get the gist.
My problem is computer addiction,
Shakespeare really had it right when he said,
''Henceforth, I'll bear my IM affliction
But I know not what I may do instead.''
(Okay, forgive me for the paraphrase--
it works when I want to procrastinate.)
Does wasted time equal a navel gaze?
I only keystroke, not equivocate.
For me, which now behold these mnemonics,
Like Whitman, I sing the body electronics.

(See ''Sonnet CVI: When in the Chronicle of Wasted Time'' by Shakespeare.)

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