O Pumpkin! My Pumpkin!

by Tom Pamperin

O Pumpkin! my Pumpkin! Your fatal task is done;
The candy bowls stand empty, all the fruit snacks gone but one;
The dawn is near, footsteps I hear, the trick-or-treaters leaving,
Scuffling for the jammed-full bags, the candy from them spilling:
      But O heart! heart! heart!
            O the goopy seed-mass spread,
                  Where on the deck my Pumpkin lies
                        A shattered squashy head.

O Pumpkin! my Pumpkin! rise up and hear the bells;
Rise up—for you the witches came—for you the goblins thrilled;
For you cheap costumes from Target—for you the brats came clomping;
For you they called, the greedy mass, their sneakered feet a-stomping
      Here Pumpkin! dear Squash!
            This arm beneath your head;
                  Is it some dream that on the deck,
                        you've fallen smashed and dead

My Pumpkin does not answer; his jagged mouth is still;
My Pumpkin's jack-o—lantern face betrays no wit or will;
The greedy street-rats safe at home, their stomachs stuffed with loot;
They stumble in, each with a grin, with chocolates and fruit;
      Exult, O doors, and ring, O bells!
            but I, with mournful tread,
                  Sweep the deck my Pumpkin smears,
                        A shattered squashy head.

(See ''O Captain! My Captain!'' by Walt Whitman.)

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