Valentine's Day at Pat's Diner, 2005

by Kelli Lee Weyand

I met you at a concert downtown, and you were wearing
Your McDonald's workpants, and that was fine because
I used to work at McDonald's too, and besides you
Stuck it to the man every time you stole those boxes
Of cookies and passed them out at the park.

You told me after we broke up that maybe I shouldn't hold on
To that stuffed elephant you got me, which I had always wondered
If you were implying something with that thing anyway, and you
Told me that, ''It's got no chance of redeeming itself,'' and by that,
You meant our love.

I saw you a couple of years later on Valentine's Day at Pat's,
And you were on a date with a girl who, well, I'll just say it,
Had sideburns, and you looked up and down at the guy I was with,
Probably because he kind of looked like a young Danny Devito, or maybe
Because he was your father.

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