Love Is a Battlefield

by Melanie Speight

I blame it on the rain and
You, a boy of summer and
Me, like a virgin.
Hungry like a wolf,

You said, I get weak when you're next to me,
weak when I look in your eyes.
All I want to do is make love to you—
Stop the world and melt with you.

I shouted, Hold me now.

Abracadabra, against all odds,
We we're dancing in the sheets—
Addicted to love. Oh, how it
Hurt so good.

But our love was a tainted love—
All we had was the night.

You said, don't dream it's over
But do cherish the night.

I whispered, Wake me up when you go—go, please don't
But if you must, don't forget to
Call me.

Now here comes the rain again.
It's been a cruel summer.
I wonder, Could it have been so beautiful?

But love bites, love bleeds—
It brings you to your knees.
So the next time I fall in love,
hit me with your best shot.

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