I take a pill when I sneeze,
And then one when I cough.
A pill to turn me on after,
The pill that turned me off.

A little pill to counter,
What the big pill's gone and done.
If the one pill doesn't do the trick,
I'll just take a second one.

I've a pill to make my heart tick right,
One to keep the pressure down.
A square pill that's half brown half white,
An oblong one that's white and brown.

There's the pill for when my tummy aches,
Another for my aching head.
One pill I take when I awake,
And one before I go to bed.

I've a pill that works to stop my itch,
A pill to take when I feel distressed.
One makes me feel real handsome and rich,
Maybe that's the pill I like the best.

I’ve got pills to help me take my pills,
Pills that will help me to recall.
Pills to cure my oh so many ills,
Real and imagined and that's not all.

Maybe tomorrow will bring a brand new pill,
There's one thing of which I am sure.
Although my belly's almost filled with pills,
There's always room for just one more.

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