The Killer

by Louis E. Bourgeois

THERE was a man named Joshua, who wanted to kill the sun and moon. It was an instinctual response; no line of logic led him to his desires. It's just they're so big and bright and they are superior to us, he thought. Why should they have the privilege of lording their brilliance over all the Earth?

He wasn't successful at killing the sun and moon. He could find no way of doing it since they are so far away. So, Joshua turned his attention to the sea; why should the sea impose all its beauty and mystery on us humble human beings?

And, at least, he could touch the sea, thereby giving him a better chance at destroying it.

Joshua, our poor idiot sauvant, attempted to swallow the sea dry, but he drowned in the process and was washed out with the tide.

We can admire Joshua's spirit but not his politics.

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