The Pope Gets Really Hot

by Daniel Thomas Moran

POPE Benedict wants you all to know,
There's real trouble waiting down below.

The final result will be eternally rough,
If you don't concern yourself about Hell enough.

And if you dare to be a God-denier,
You'll wind up forever in The Lord's deep fryer.

But the one sure thing to give you that shove,
Is rejecting the generous offer of Jesus' love.

For The Good Lord can run short on compassion,
For those who worship in a mistaken fashion.

Don't even debate being a Gay or a Jew,
Or dare put a condom on your toodle-oo.

You'll be burnt toast and not know why.
Hell is hotter than Phoenix on The Fourth of July.

The certain exception is bound to be,
Diddling altar boys behind the sacristy.

The servants of God whom he holds most dear,
Are those who spread His Glorious Gospel of Fear.

But if you wind up Hell-bound, don't give up hope.
It will be your opportunity to meet a Pope.

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