This Year's Bombshell: Ode to Anna Nicole Smith

by Catty Marlboro

GOODBYE, Vickie Lynn, we never knew
you at all, you had no grace to help
yourself while men around you crawled

With your pneumatic breasts
in a Playboy spread, and your eyes
like stones and your words like lead

An American airhead put on
a shelf, yet you mastered all
a woman hates about herself

Every generation gets the blonde
it dearly deserves, a sweet golden
sweetheart with nothing but curves

Seems you lived your life like
a bimbo in a haze, fighting
to stay famous on your better days

Of your death who can say
their hands are clean, we were all drooling
for your American dream

Marry rich, get fat, then
get thin, lose your riches in court,
then win them all back again

So I'm finding it hard to feel sorrow
for you, because if I had the chance
I'd make my Lifetime movie come true

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