Everybody! Can I Get Some Sleep?

by Alex Galper

EVERYBODY! can I get some sleep!
don't wake me up at 1 am,
I'm already 32 years old
and before going to bed
I brushed my teeth.
don't bring vodka every night!
in the mornings my brain is scrambled anyway
never mind the hangovers.
how much sex is enough for you?
stop pushing my hand where no man has gone before
my fingers feel at home only on the keyboard.
stop declaring war to every damn country on Earth!
I keep having a dream third day in a row
where I am in camouflage,
I wake up in cold sweat
believing that I can do one hundred push-ups
I try and fall flat on my face
on the second one.
giggling mugs behind my windows!
stop laughing at my insomnia!
tomorrow I will purchase a rifle
and shoot you down.

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