The Good Boob

A Poem about Nursing

by Erica Angle-Newman

PRAISES for the good boob!
(The one that's on my left.)
Its milk is sweet like sugar!
Its milk supply's perfect!

Although it gets engorged
And leaks like hell at night,
I give to it my praise, not
The bad boob on my right.

The bad boob hangs limply
And dribbles at the teat.
The good boob's always perky,
And shoots milk out three feet.

That boob's more inviting.
Its size says, Stay a while.
It's got good boob charisma
That makes my baby smile.

Swell with pride my good boob,
For the bras that you soak,
For your sore, bloody nipple,
And baby that you choke!

Your D size days are few,
And when your work is done,
May all your good boob goodness
Be passed on to my son.

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