4 & 61

by Bill Robertson

'I wanna eat the woald,' he says with so much assurance.
'i'm gonna eat cars an...'
'If you eat my car,
We'll have to walk.'
'otay! i won't.
i'm goona eat trucks,
big trucks,
an roads
an signs,
an the grass...'
He yells out the window.
'i'm gonna eat you trees!'
He pulls his head back inside.
'an i'm gonna eat the sky
an the moon
an stars
an the univewse
. an i'm gonna eat people
an poop
an i'm gonna drink pee!'
He has a malicious, i'm-a-naughty-boy grin.
Head out the window again.
'i'm gonna eat you dog!'
I remember when I was going to eat the world.
Where did I go wrong?

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