Alec Baldwin Invades Ireland

by Daniel Thomas Moran

FACING dreaded parental alienation
even Marconi and Bell,
Knew no better communication
Like the old hearty yell.

When telephoning the ones
who one loves the most,
One desires to be heard clearly
from The East to West coast.

For those receiving those words
there can rarely be doubt,
If the words sent robustly
can arrive with a shout.

Surely few things can cause
one's inner banshees to wail,
Like having to unleash the anger
to someone else's voice mail.

Our children can forget all those
good manners we've taught them,
When they're lost in the wilderness
of all the junk that we've bought them.

Maybe the young Ireland Baldwin
might understand who's the boss,
If her Mommy had her watch her Daddy
in Glenngarry Glen Ross.

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