Boris Day

by Finny Deerfield

Y is for you, dear Boris Yeltsin, you would always say what's on your mind
E for the exit that you made, from the Russian presidency in '99
L is for your life post-resignation, the press covered your every cough,
T is for the tank you once stood up on, to defy the coup on Gorbachev...
S is for the spoons you played on Akayev's head, he's the president
       of ex-Soviet Kyrgyzstan
I is for your invasion of Chechnya, that less light-hearted but
       sanctioned-by-you plan...
N is for Noveodevichy where you're buried, a cemetery for
       the thinkers, the dreamers, and you.

Put them all together they spell ''Yeltsin''
you weren't perfect, but I toast you, 'cause they say you loved your drink...

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