The Moron Terror

by RIP

            IF a moron sets his face on fire
         With a match or a cigarette lighter
      Does the government have the right
                     To deny us a light
      Even though we are quite a bit brighter?
        If a person spills hot coffee in his or her lap
          And it burns them, does them harm
              Even though we know how
                Does it mean that now
      We must all drink our coffee lukewarm?
             I know you know someone
                Or knew someone once
                Who's a bit of a clod
        You know, sort of a dunce
           I don't mean to be mean
                  That is not what is meant
                But it seems that that sort
                Often wind up in government
             Can anyone here be really surprised
        When they find out that we are despised
      By some foreign guy off in some foreign land
Cause we have invaded this guy's sacred sand?
                Where is it written
        Is there some hidden clause
                That requires us to have dumb people
                    Writing our laws?
                If someone insane
                        Tries to hijack a plane
        By concealing a bomb in their underwear
                When we take our next trip
                Will we all have to strip?
'Cause we all might have bombs, and they'll wonder where

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