by Robert James

MY older son says he loves oranges
So of course his younger brother
Wants to know if he's going to marry one
I can't help but wonder what that would be like
To be married to an orange

I'd swing into the driveway
Filled with the promise of evening
And she'd still be in the fruit bowl
Exactly where I left her that morning

I'd make a sumptuous evening meal
Roast salmon in a hazelnut sauce
Chords of asparagus on the side
Accompanied by a comedian of a white wine
While she'd just watch
Nestled among the Granny Smiths
Not even a taste
She might even be asleep

Later that same evening
When I'd look up from my book
Wondering if she had the same concerns
As I over the central character
Getting knocked off in the penultimate chapter
I'd realize that she is just an orange
Doesn't know what a book is
And in all likelihood
Doesn't know how to read

But that is not the worst of it
No, much worse is when my neighbor drops by
And while we're chatting
About the best way to prepare a cheese souffle
He just helps himself to my wife
Right there in front of me

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