Don't Look at My Free Will

by David LaBounty

I heard the Dalai Lama
speak about the
environment and
he basically said
treat the planet
like your home
you wouldn't
shit in your own
living room
except the
Dalai Lama
didn't say
shit but they do say
the planet
is dying a slow death;
a death by burning,
a death by neglect,
and the problem
is that we are
the ones who
are supposed
to take care of
it and we're the
ones with free
will and free reign
and I'm worried
about it of course.
I'm worried that
my sons will burn
like a childhood
pile of leaves lit
with a magnifying
glass on some
hot day after
my life is gone
but what can
I do? Look at
my lawn, I can't
keep it alive
and the dog, he
shits all over it.

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