Yeah, Illuminati

by Spidalix

… WHERE was I …

New World Order
war is business, yada, yada, yada …

Debt is the new form of slavery.
You work to get out of debt and keep from becoming homeless
Banks encourage slavery by giving away credit (slave) cards
Financing is made to collect 2-3 times the value of an item
Mortgage is not a tax shelter.
No one should pay 3 times the house price
and get back $0.28
on a dollar.
Accelerate all payments to get out of debt
Insurance is gambling.
Insurors bet you will pay and not get a settlement.
The insured hope to get a settlement so they pay.
Computerization of finances to track your every expenditure.
Social security is gambling.
No one is expected to live long enough to collect SS.
Fluoride (?) Silent killer (?)
One world monetary system.
Total world domination.
Finger print credit cards
Transportation swipe cards
Intel Inside
Illuminati, baby.

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