Where the Sun Does Not Shine

by Alex Galper

YESTERDAY I saw a girl in the park
Resembling you
My Cruel and Hot Angel
My heart began beating faster, my legs shook
Remembering your long-ago visits
With a handbag full of
Wise books from the East.
Dreamed of getting me such sex
That I will become your slave
And would never dump you.

I looked scared and confused
When you reached for the rubber gloves
You put them on with a horrible sound
I screamed guessing
''What for? No! We don't need that!''
And you, stone-faced
Used to throw me on the bed
And pushed your finger
Into places where the sun doesn't shine.
I tried to explain that it was not my thing
That my erotic zones are on the other side
You laughed at my sexual stupidity
And kept going, discarding my words
I frantically resisted and ran away from you
Into my own apartment
Climbed the cabinet, hid behind the refrigerator
You found me, took me down, held my hands
And did it again and again.

Kamasutra did not work
We had to break up
And I'm going to deal
With psychological trauma of those endless nights
For the rest of my days
And thinking of you, my Hot Angel
My heart starts running like a wild horse
And fire grows in my behind.

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