Rethinking: Riff on the First Family

by George Spencer

IT'S a secret.
No one knows that Cane and Abel were Siamese twins
like growing up sharing skin, shin and bone.
trouble was left turned right, right turned left,
sit wanted stand, stand wanted sit,
one loved sunrise for the end of night,
other loved sunrise for the beginning of day.
There were few joys.

Having no historian their village needed a bard.
Both volunteered.
One loved free verse, the other the sonnet.

While they agreed on the sonnet
they couldn't agree between Shakespeare and Petrarch.

This is why Cane killed Abel
and why it was said unto Cain,
''a fugitive and a vagabond shalt thou be in the earth.''
He had to drag his dead brother around
and from this came the Homeric Epics, Beowulf, etc.
This was the true anxiety of influence
and why poets haul around a lot of baggage.
I could tell you a lot more but who's really

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