Brokeback Hill

For Larry Craig

by Richard Cairo

WITH three simple taps
Larry Craig opens
the closet door on
the Republicans, who
discover 18 years
after Stonewall,
that they are all gay, pansy,
girly men, fellators,
benders, they spill out
one by one.
Tap tap tap.

Solving the mystery of all
that anti-gay legislation--
how Judy Garland sad
to filibuster filibuster filibuster,
hating themselves
for secretly desiring--
while their wives slept
unaware in bed--
of turning their red states
into pink.

Mark Foley calls
to commiserate and dish
about Angelina.
Isaiah Washington kicks
a gaffer

Now the stall door is open
perhaps Cheney, Lott,
McCain, Schwarzenegger
can tap tap tap themselves
into a wider stance on
human rights, singing
a chorus of bare-chested
echoing echoing echoing
off the cold tiles
of right-wing conservatism
unbridled man love
for the world.

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