My Special Lover

by Daniel Thomas Moran

MY words of love don't seem to matter.
Sometimes I feel I'm just talking at her.
How much I'd care I could not ever guess,
When my true love arrived by U.P.S.

From all our friends, no understanding.
Never unfaithful and not ever demanding.
Makes love to me just like I taught her.
She’s tall and blonde as the day I bought her.

My touches don't ever make her quiver,
Despite tender kisses I might give her.
I sometimes hear her whispers spoken,
Then pray my bicycle pumps not broken.

She can't imagine all the tears I've shed,
As she sleeps there safe beneath my bed.
Again I'm left lonely and I soon discover,
The heartbreak having a special lover.

I really love my special lover,
Stays in hiding places where I shove her.
Mute compliance is the essence of her,
My desires she inspires, lover.

She never pesters me for expensive trips,
To share my beer or my potato chips,
I know there could never be another,
That could take the place of my special lover.

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