A Sonnet for Our Lesbians in Orbit

by Daniel Thomas Moran

TONIGHT on the news, right there in my face,
There might now be lesbians up there in space.
There were the images of spacewomen embracing
Smugly proud they were finally lesbo-spacing.

While they greeted each other by shaking hands.
They were likely hatching up their naughty plans.
Immediately evident the great lesbian yearning,
Something I found immediately concerning.

NASA knew just what they were doing,
Knowing men can't ever not think about screwing.
Normally, making things co-ed ultimately reflects,
You've accepted a scenario based solely on sex.

But with lesbian astronauts the problem is solved,
So long as the lesbians agree to stay uninvolved.
Accepting that lesbians are often much less intense,
Well lesbian astronauts make so much more sense.

Even among the things not before contemplated,
Things like peeing, for them, can be too complicated.
You would think without men it might tend to get boring,
But a lot can be said for less farting and snoring.

So I'm for our brave lesbians, may they conquer space!
Just send them up with a fag who can decorate the place.

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