It's Impossible

by John Grey

IT'S a fact that
no blind gospel singer
has ever swum
the English Channel naked.
Don't even have to look it up.
Same with the lack of
diabetic circus clowns
that ever stomped their big feet on the moon.
Snake charmers don't fly planes.
There's never been a jockey President.
And here I am
blind with love,
wailing ''Help me Jesus,''
naked with feeling,
because it's like there's
just a whole lot of deep, deep water,
between me and whatever
shore you're living on these days.
And I don't swim so well.
And if you're on the moon--
excuse me while I paint my face.
Can't fly to you anyhow.
My snake won't hear of it.
Besides, I just heard the President on TV.
He thinks he's on a sure thing.
I wish him luck.
Either that or a better horse
than I've been riding.

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