Evel Knievel Attempts to Jump over a Poem about Norman Mailer

by Gordon Stanley

EVEL Knievel rrrrrrrred-white-&-blue dare-
     deviliterary lion Pulitzer Prize fighter once naked,
     now dead--America is a hurricane, he said,
     pugnacious and pugnaciously so, having stabbed his wife
     after a party--Masculinity is not something given to you,
     but something you gain,
he said, brawny and outsize
     prose biting, feminist antagonizing--novels, screenplays,
     articles, buses, sharks, canyons, cofounded the Village
     Voice, uh oh, malfunction--married six times, masculinity
     is not something given to you,
but something--decelerating--
     They started out watching me bust my ass, and I became
     part of their lives,
poems, polemics, skull, pelvis, ribs,
     collarbone, shoulders, hips, acute renal failure, pulmonary
     fibrosis, star-spangled leather jumpsuit, cape and boots, Skycycle!
     Skycycle! I want to ride my Skycycle!, intellectual bully!--
     Superman just doesn't die, right? Watch the ramp! The ramp!

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