Don't Bet Your Quatloos: 11 Haikus about the New Star Trek Movie

by Gordon Stanley

CLASSIC Trek: '60s ideals
New Trek:
Budweiser and Nokia ads

The future shines
Brightly lit plastic white
The future is Sephora

Red Matter
must've been used while writing the script
Note all the big holes

Say Spock stops the supernova
Romulus lives
-- but without its sun?

Spock maroons Kirk (on Hoth)
right where Old Spock and Scotty
happen to be.

Nero the zero
uses drill to plant a black hole.
Makes me miss Sybok

Scotty beams into a drain pipe
Would've been funny
. . . in Galaxy Quest

With J.J. Abrams
Will the sequel make more sense?
Don't bet your quatloos

Uhura hearts Spock
Vulcan booty call
But will she wait seven years?

With this reboot
All past Treks don't count
like that episode of Dallas

The Shatner is Kirk
Don't try to outKirk him
because you Khaaaaaaaaaaaaan't

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