Nothing Could Be Finer: A Holiday Song for 2007

(To the tune of ''Carolina in the Morning'')

by R.J. Clarken

CHRISTMAS and Hanukkah are here
along with the other December fêtes.
I love all the holidays with their commercial good cheer
and until now – I’ve had no regrets.
But maybe this year will be different
so here’s a reminder, lest one forgets. . .

Nothing could be finer
than a toy that’s made in China
with no warrrrrrrrrning.
Nothing could be sweeter
than exceeding the lead meter
with no warning.

In your Christmas stocking
a game awaits you. . .
there’s just no import blocking
in United States, too.

Playin’ with your dollie
‘midst the holly, is pure folly
here’s a warning:
Toy soldiers battle foes
with toxic levels – heaven knows --
and no warning.

If I had one thing to say
For only today,
I’d get up on my soapbox --
And here's what I'd say:

Nothing is more major
than a poisoned toy, I’ll wager,
with no warrrrrrrrrning.

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