Upon My Nice Clean Sheets

by Easter Cathay

WHENAS in bed my Freddy comes
Then, then, methinks, how sweetly pumps
His manhood in me as he humps.

That liquefaction, which doth spurt
Between my breasts, tingly and pert,
And o'er my Victoria's Secret pajama shirt.

Next, when I cast mine eyes and see
Sperm on my derrière gleams wetly,
And drips on the sheets I just washed three

Days ago. Can't he learn to be
A little more careful? Honestly,
You'd think kids were enough penalty.

Use a condom: keep it to yourself, buddy.
Or I'll mate with a vibrator instead of thee,
Regardless of offerings glittery.

The flannel bedsheets freshly dewed
With harvest of contortions lewd:
O, how the laundry maketh me in a bad mood.

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