Things You Think about While Making Love

by David Ochs

MAKING love to ex-lovers
and lovers you wish you had

what you have to do tomorrow

the Krebs Cycle

dumping your high-priced broker
for someone like Charles Schwab

your inadequacies as a porn star

how you miss your grandma and if
she can see you from the other side

genital warts

nature vs. nuture
free will vs. destiny
Paris Hilton vs. Britney

how sex is overrated

love handles (yours)

if you should come already or
keep going

baseball (if you decided to keep going)

what excuse to use later on
when you say you have to go

how you'll never catch up
to Wilt Chamberlain

your mid-life and other crises

the weather forecast

will the meat be defrosted
when you get home?

is this all there is?

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