by R.J. Clarken

HE parked the car by a tree, with a view
and then turned the ignition to off.
''I've wanted to be alone -- with just you,''
he said shyly, his mind on a boff.

''Oh, what a great spot -- and aren't you sweet!''
gushed the girl hoping he was the one.
''Let's both of us climb into the back seat,''
she whispered, “Come on. Let's have fun.''

''Mmmm, this is so good,'' between kisses he mumbled,
as he groped, moving on to next base.
Unfortunately for him, her bra hook he fumbled
getting caught in the satin and lace.

''Ouch! What are you doing? Oh god, what a schmuck!''
cried the girl, as she slammed the car door.
He slumped in the seat as he cursed his bad luck:
''&*%@#!! What's a guy gotta do for a score?''

Later that night, he gave forth a loud moan
as he finished his date in the bathroom...alone.

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