Rare Wine Collection

by Alex Galper

I talk girls into visiting me
by promising to read my poetry
while tasting the jewels of my wine collection.
too bad, we never get to Fine Arts --
after the first glass, I try to get under their skirts
they shout angrily:
''who do you think we are?'' and leave
slamming the door with a bang
I see sadness in their eyes
yearning for more of my wine.
happily I get drunk
finishing the bottle by myself
and fall asleep
smiling, happily, like a toddler.

unfortunately, some sadists don't give a damn
about my sexual yearnings,
they rush to take off their clothes
drink the whole bottle by themselves,
and then they want to fuck 'till wee morning hours!
slapping my face and complaining:
''That's it? Alcoholic! Impotent!''
and I lie, beaten and humiliated
unable to fall asleep,
sober to the bones.

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