Visitors from Uranus

by Albert Van Hoogmoed

EARLY one morning, quite sunny and cool,
their steaming ship landed out back in the pool.
It fell from the sky and it hit with a plop.
It sank to the bottom, then rose to the top.

Their spaceship resembled a giant cigar.
It's their transportation, like ours is a car.
It wasn't appealing, not one little bit.
Perhaps, on Uranus, that's all they could get.

Not aerodynamic, it didn't look fast,
and seemed to be powered by some sort of gas
from cabbage or chili or hot deviled eggs
perhaps rotten sneakers or old Easter eggs.

The hatch opened slowly, with rust on the hinge,
releasing more gases that just made me cringe.
The leader came out with a point on his head.
he squeezed through the opening and here's what he said:

''We come from Uranus, we're just passing through,
and we've got a favor we're needing from you.
We just came to drop off some kids at the pool
to study your planet for homework at school.''

They floated around in the pool for a while,
like logs for the sawmill or brown crocodiles
and then started swimming around and around
in clockwise rotations with loud roaring sounds.

They suddenly vanished as quick as they came,
but my swimming pool didn't look quite the same.
They left great big skid marks all over the side
that haven't come off, though I've tried and I've tried.

So if they should ever try landing again,
I hope they forget me, their visit and when
they dropped off their kiddies to study for school
and left me here scrubbing the sides of the pool.

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