Love Terrorist

Translated by Benjamin Zeitlin

by Alex Galper

AT night the phone is ringing at airport security.
Woman sobs:
--Must report a terrorist on the Moscow–New York flight!
--With a bomb?
--Enormous one! and tucked away in his boxers. . .
driving me crazy day and night!
--Contraband icons on him?
--He illegally taken most sacred -- my heart!
--You bet! Been tweakin' three days because of him!
--Generally, mam, we don't handle cases like this, contact Amur!

But still. . . went a ahead and filled out a report,
Tip is received, so better follow through
The passenger is then thrown off the flight
His luggage ransacked
All the while
He longingly gazes out of a window at his plane . . .
gradually dissolving into
a large pond of skies.

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