I Liked the Old Sins Better

by Daniel Thomas Moran

JUST when you were certain
that you couldn't win,
Pope Benedict has offered up
new ways to sin.
As if there were not enough
good ways to do badness,
We've now more modern ways
to provoke The Lord's madness.
For one thing,
His Eminence is quite concerned,
for all the embryos that might
wind up being spurned.
So declared human life
can be just one cell,
The murder of whom
can earn Holy Hell.
Oh, our wrathful God
will smite all the homes,
Of those who fuck
with folks' chromosomes.
(Despite the risk
there might be clerical joys,
If someone could clone
all the cute altar boys.)
The Devil himself will
take dead aim and shoot,
At all those indiscrete souls
who would dare pollute.
Maybe His Holiness
from his Vatican tower,
Might dare harness hellfire
for geothermal power.
Soon all our drug dealers
will be eternally baking,
For selling drugs The Pontiff
would be better off taking.
Still in the light of reason
all this new sinning fades,
When one reflects on babies
dead and dying from AIDS.

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