The Butterfly Effect

by Robin Archbold

I am getting in the mood
No more Mr. Nice Guy
No more romantic whimsically humorous satirical observer of the
idiosyncratic foibles of the human condition
No more hedonistic hubristic hippy hyperbole hatching in the hills of
Because I am off to the city
So I gotta get down
Urbane urban hybrid son of Lou Reed, Tom Waits and Lenny Bruce
Edgy inyourface seedy backstreet wet pavement wailing sirens
dumpsters rats and human detritus
Degradation depravity desperation and debauchery with a down and
dirty jazz/blues/latin/funk/hiphop soundtrack and a dank grainy noir context
That’s what they like in the city
Leonard Cohen on ice
That’s me

So I am getting in the mood
I'll lose some weight
Lots of weight
I’ll make Victoria Beckham look like Pooh Bear
I’ll get black stovepipe hipsters
And some tatts
And do . . . something . . . with my hair
I can see myself coming on stage
With syringes hanging out of both arms
And my neck
Blood streaming and a rictus smile
But that would really hurt
Maybe I could glue them on
And I will drag you screaming and whimpering through the gutters of
my urban soul
Snaking my dirty lascivious tongues of roguish thought into your
every crevice
Until you feel my bliss
And my barbs

You will love it
Yet be strangely repelled by it
Oh I am getting in the mood
When a butterfly lands on my nose

Now it’s hard enough getting in ''the mood''
When you’re sitting on a sunny verandah
With stunning mountain views
As the coffee freshly brews
And you’ve set aside the time to muse
Without a fucking butterfly landing on your nose
I wanna kill it
I’d pulverise it with a baseball bat
But that would really hurt for obvious reasons
I wanna bash it smash it slash it thrash it lash it
Crunch it with my jaws and gnash it
I wanna crash it flash it and ash it
I wanna turn that fluttery little fucker inside out
Until it chokes in agony on its own cute little butterfly excrement

But I am not in the mood now
Perhaps a haiku?

Gossamer wings stir
Earthquake at antipodes
Beware the butterfly

See this poem performed on YouTube.

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