by Barry Dickson

HONK if you love Jesus.
Honk if you love Buddha.
Honk if you love me.
Honk if you’d rather be fishing. I’ll honk back if I’d also
rather you be fishing
‘cause I’ve seen how you drive.
Honk if you’re hopeful.
Honk if you’re horny.
Honk if you’re a honky.
Honk if you’re a goose, not that you’d have many options.
Honk if you’re a goose who is politically, esthetically and morally
opposed to foie gras.
Honk if you hate like holy hell hokey alliteration,
especially when it’s heavy-handed.
Honk if you’ll marry me right now.
Honk if you love Bush/Cheney.
Honk if you’re having second thoughts about that last honk.
But most of all, please, we’d love to see you
honk if your horn is broken.

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