The Persistence of Memory

by Creeley Piker

"SCIENTISTS at Georgetown University recently discovered that a moth can indeed remember what it learned as a caterpillar."--Science Daily

NO need for pastlife regression it is
all clear to me as my path through your best
wool sweater my long measured days as a
caterpillar all I ever did was
chew & undulate once I chewed something
& after with six legs I still wobbled
my 4,000 muscles heaved but oh how
how in love with life I was I even
briefly eloped with a pipe cleaner.

I remember becoming slurry goop
ribonucleic soup in chrysalis
think applesauce tucked in a burrito
wrap then waking up as a whole new me
which I guess is cool but after being
drawn toward the bright light and going in
then to be reborn and to recall it
still dulls this second life so when I see
any glow my myogenic heart breaks.

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