Who Am I? (Herman's Hermits Remix)

by Meatball Brown

YO checkit …
When I'm walkin'
I'm talkin'
standing 6 feet LARGE
I'm a round Brooklyn-down Man about town.

My boy Rico, the freak-O
gives a big shout out
he's the man with the plan
and he's taller than Dan.

But you see
I'm not He
my style is Me
how can I be
this one
the other one
not one, the same
I got my own name

I'm a man about town!
That's Mr. Brown
No vicious clown
But the one for big fun

Upon reflection,
you just mention,
that I am sentient
therefore I am you bet.
And my stilo like a Pinot
it will make you wet. NOIR!!!

Any questions?

Peace Luv and Gravy.

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