A Cat with No Legs

by Albert Van Hoogmoed

THIS kind of cat
will just lay there and purr.
He’s just right for grandma,
he’s perfect for her.

He won't claw the sofa
or climb up the drapes
He won't hunt the fish tank
or try to escape.

There's no need for having
this kitty declawed,
since due to misfortune
he’s long been depawed.

He's perfect for dusting
and cleaning the floor,
and works as a doorstop
to help hold the door.

And when it comes time
to put out this old cat
I have me a simple
procedure for that.

I just pick him up
by the end of his tail.
I swing him around
and I just let him sail

out of the doorway
and into the yard,
using some care
not to do it too hard.

I wait a few minutes,
like 5, maybe 10,
then get the retriever
to bring him back in.

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