a poem about today

by Christa Neu and Nerina Rammairone

TODAY wears a wife beater.
and hair grease
and rough houses your kid brother,

           then calls you a tramp.
He pinches your ass and gulps milk right out of the carton
right after he sleeps with your sister in the convertable in front of
your house
while blasting your favorite band.

You know, the band he took your COUSIN to see in concert.
he won the tickets on Z100. He knew it would get to you.

           Still you baked him a birthday cake the next week, because
no matter what, you still love him
and you know he loves his pineapple/marshmallow sheet cake with
coconut shavings, toasted just right

           you burned your hand taking the pan out of the oven and
burned off one fake nail

           but you are doing errands for your elderly neighbor tomorrow,
and she used to be a manicurist, she'll fix it up for you.

           Just the way old wife beater likes them, long and shiny red.

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